Apprehended By The Life

Apprehended By The Life 
What is the Christian life? How do we live the Christian life? These are the questions in the heart of every sincere believer. I believe there is more depth than we've understood about living the Christian life. Jesus came to give not a religion, a doctrine or teaching, a tradition or a culture but he came to give a life. For too long we've been so busy with the religion built around Jesus. The only Son of God came so that other sons might be begotten. Jesus' life on earth was an example of how the sons of God are meant to live, if only they fully embrace and yield to the life of God in them.
Somehow we've ended up overemphasizing knowledge as if Christianity is all about getting some kind of information. We focus on moral code, doctrines, a list of do's and don'ts, theologies and teachings, all information. God didn't call us to fill our heads with information but to fill our spirits with life. We've overemphasized knowledge above the life but the two are very important. This book stresses the importance of the life and what it means.
Jesus came that we might have this life in abundance. This book teaches Christians  to be awakened to this life. It teaches how to be filled with this life to an extent in which you are consumed by it. This life is Lord and he wants to take hold of you and cause you to experience the fullness of God. Learn to align yourself to this life, to be subjected to it and you would live your Christian life to the highest potency.

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