Sunday, 19 February 2017

Christ; Our Financial Sufficiency

As humans there is all that desire to be rich; to have enough money stored up somewhere, to feel that confidence that you can get whatever you want, to have your need met, to be free to do whatever you like without being limited by lack of enough money, to have that prestige that comes with wealth, to overcome that low self-esteem and inability that comes with poverty, to be independent and self-sufficient and etc. The list goes on, but the point remains that everybody desire to be rich for one reason or another; to have enough and maybe even more.

The Christian life is to find Christ and have him as all in all. That Christ might consume the entirety of your life. That you might lose yourself in this beautiful Christ. You cannot have it any other way; if you want Christ then you must allow him consume you and be your all in all. He must become your confidence, your suffiency and your prestige. You must not look for these things anywhere else but you must find satisfaction in Christ.

"Therefore let no one boast in men. For  all things are yours: whether Paul or  Apollos or Cephas, or the world or life or  death, or things present or things to  come—all are yours. And you  are  Christ’s, and Christ is God’s." (1Cor 21-23).

All things belong to you because you belong to Christ. Everything in this world is yours, you own them. All the silver and all the gold are already yours. Everything that this earth produce is yours. Who then is the richest man on earth? In Christ you are immeasurably rich. Now that maybe too difficult to take in but if you are a believer you must believe this. Take your time, let it sink in. Repeat it to yourself over and over again, meditate on it until you truly believe it. It is true, all things belongs to you in Christ.

Now you can rest, for there is sufficiency in Christ. There is more, there is exceedingly, abundantly above what you could ever need. You are already rich, in Christ you are the riches man/woman on earth. Yes, you may not look like it but it is true. When Jesus was on earth he didn't look like the creator, the God that rule over all. But that didn't change the truth, he knew who he was and he commanded authority like the king that he is. So you don't need to look like it to believe it. 

Look and see that you have it all, all things belongs to you. Be satisfied in this sufficiency that is in Christ. Let your confidence rise, let your esteem skyrocket and let your boasting rest in the suffiency that is in Christ. Christ is the end of our struggle for riches and all that comes with it.

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