Monday, 7 November 2016

The Riches Of His Poverty

Here lies another principle in Christ - the way to riches is poverty. True riches is hidden in the mystery of poverty. Many Christians are trying to discover the secret of prosperity or financial blessing. They desperately want to know how to get to the riches. The riches of Christ goes beyond money, for it also involves the riches of his grace, the riches of his power, the riches of his wisdom etc. And the only way to any of these riches is poverty. Poverty here mean insufficient in oneself, complete dependence on God.

If we ever come to a place where we find sufficiency in ourselves we would abate our access to the riches of God. This principle is applicable when it come to money. If we begin to enjoy financial blessing and we come to a place where we have store so much money in the bank that we no longer need to depend on God that is the moment our access to the riches of God would be abated, we would no longer be able to grow from riches to riches the way God wants it to be. It is poverty (dependence on God) that make us have access to the riches of God and it allows us grow from riches to riches.

The moment we stop being poor is the moment we begin to fall out of riches.
If you desire the riches in Christ you need to be poor and remain poor no matter what. We must never find sufficiency in ourselves, never attribute our riches to an ability or knowledge we have, never see ourselves has owning this riches, for these riches are Christ's they belong to him and we are only relying on him to partake of it. Our true riches is not the money or the blessing, but it is Christ. Christ is our riches, whether you have money or not you are rich because you have Christ. We must learn to be satisfied with Christ and learn to be completely dependent on him. The moment we start relying on our riches is the moment we start loosing the riches. Yes, we should never depend on the riches but on the owner of the riches, which is Christ. We should never fall in love with the riches or pledge our loyalty to the riches but we should always look unto Jesus and continue to see ourselves as poor; as having nothing but him. For as long as we remain poor we would continue to grow in his riches.

The secret to riches is not just giving but it is coming to realize that we are poor and completely dependent on him. We detach ourselves from our money and look only unto him. Giving is only a reaction or a response to that detachment of oneself from all that one has in order to depend completely on God. We cannot give with a cheerful heart until we've detach from all that we own, if you love what you have and you hold on on what you have it would be difficult for you to give. We become poor so that we can find riches in him. We reject whatever riches we have and allow Christ be our riches, we own nothing except him. We must reach a point of emptiness where we cry out to him "Lord I have nothing but you" and we must remain like that no matter what. God never want us to come to a place where we feel like we have so much money that we no longer need Him. He wants us to always depend on Him for everything. He would not give His riches to people who would not learn to be poor. In Christ, poverty is true riches.

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